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Dedicated to Breathing New Life into Your Piano

Piano Action Inc: Aural Piano Tuning in Edmonton

Bruce Bischoff R.P.T.

Your piano should inspire, and invite you to play.

Let Bruce Bischoff breathe new life into your piano. Rediscover your instrument's potential.

All pianos are unique. All our ears are different. For example, singers often like their pianos tuned differently than string players. In the real world, the note B sharp is not the same as the note C. Bruce tunes old school, by ear. He accommodates, and he tempers and trains pianos to behave. Bruce customizes the tuning and voicing of your piano for you.

Bruce Bischoff has been a concert technician since 1984. He is the head piano technician at the Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium, MacEwan University, The King's University and Timms Centre for the Arts, just to name a few. Bruce also has extensive experience working on pianos in recording studios, churches and institutions of all kinds.

From tuning and repairs to complete re-building, call Bruce Bischoff and experience some of the best ears and hands in the business.


Bruce specializes in aural tuning.

Professional Affiliation

Craftsman member of the Canadian Association of Piano Technicians (C.A.P.T.)

Canadian Association of Piano Technicians

Bring Your Piano Back to Life

Bruce does everything—from piano tuning to re-builds.


Need Piano Repair?


Call Piano Action to request an estimate on piano repair.

Service Area

Edmonton and area

Piano Action Inc Phone: 780-467-6380

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