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My Pianos

Master Piano Technician and Craftsman in Edmonton

Maintaining the health of your piano is Bruce's number one goal. Bruce will also appraise the value of your piano and offer estimates of repairs so you can get the most from your instrument. When the grand piano is ready for a major uplift, call Piano Action. Bruce reawakens and brings new life to an important member of the family. Let Bruce turn your old grand into a family heirloom.

Bruce Bischoff is an artist and pianos are his medium. He also has created his own line of educational composer busts. All numbered and handmade by Bruce, these delightful, limited-edition busts have inspired children and adults alike. Each bust is adorned with hidden symbols and meanings, easily discovered by hungry, inquisitive eyes.

There is a children's book coming out soon, written and illustrated by Bruce Bischoff called, 'The Piano Farm.' Also, one day if you're good, you will be invited out to the piano farm to see the giant piano house and party at the 'Burning Piano Festival.'

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Edmonton trusts Piano Action for a variety of services, including:

  • Piano tuning, regulation, voicing and all repairs
  • Piano appraisals
  • Re-building grand pianos


Bruce's innovation and skilled workmanship are not limited to pianos. He also has his own line of custom-made educational composer busts (all numbered and limited editions).

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